Before we start looking at the 7 great ways to style thick hair, here are some tips that can make your hair look thinner. A classic remedy to make the thick hair look sleeker and wonderful is using mayonnaise. Yep! The jar of mayonnaise lying on your kitchen shelf can actually be used for making your hair look sleeker! So, conditioning your hair regularly a week for everyday, by using a mayonnaise homemade hair mask can help. Within a week you will have more manageable and sleeker looking hair. Henna for conditioning hair works in a similar way, so you can try that too. Other ways to make your thick hair look sleeker and more manageable is by styling it with a flat iron, or using some thinning hair shampoos, conditioners or hair serums. One of the best ways to do this is by doing some hair cutting like a razor cut or choppy layers. Let us look at the various haircuts and hairstyles to make the thick hair look sleeker.

Tips on Styling Thick Hair

Style #1: Here is a 2 minute style. Simply scoop all your hair back and then tie it up in a messy bun hairstyle. You can tie the messy bun using a hair clip, a rubber band, a hair stick or simply a pencil for a cool look! Take out few strands or bangs so that the hairstyle looks more natural.

Style #2: Another easy way to style thick hair is using braiding. But, don't try just any braid style. Try the cool Alexander Wang style! Check out pictures on internet for this style. For this style side part your hair and then tie the hair in a long loose English braid and place it on one side of the shoulder. Voila! You have a cool carefree look...

Style #3: Another way to style thick hair is using a ponytail. Get Cleopatra style bangs, if you can, and tie your hair into a high ponytail. This is a simple and quick style which looks good for all occasions.

Style #4: For a sleek stylish look, use these ideas. First use a flat iron to make all your hair straight. Then take a large front section and style it into a bump hairstyle. Wear long chain earrings with this style, to make it look even more sophisticated!

Style #5: Above were the ideas of hairstyles for thick hair, now let us look at the hair cutting styles. Choppy layers are the best way to cut thick hair. So, ask the stylist to cut your hair choppy, in such a way that the volume is reduced. Also, get some bangs with this style.

Jennifer Aniston recently celebrated her 42nd birthday and the haircut she donned, definitely made her look half her age! Getting the right kind of haircut can make you look younger. The trick is to keep them short; firstly, they are low maintenance and secondly, they give you a face lift that makes you look younger. But if you do not want to let go of your long locks, you can play with the length to have lot of layers and hide away your wrinkles or sport loose curls, which can make you look younger instantly. A wrong haircut can add years to your face and probably accentuate wrinkles and crow's feet on your face. This Buzzle article equips you with the best haircuts, that make you look younger straightaway. So, here you go...

Best Hairdos and Haircuts to Make You Look Younger

Keep it Sleek and Short!
A sleek, short haircut pulls your face upward, giving it an awesome face lift. If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, a short haircut will definitely help you defy your age. A few fringes that are side swept, would mask forehead wrinkles and make you look younger!

Add Lot of Layers...
As you get older, you may encounter problems like hair loss or thinning of hair and so on. Well... you really need layers then, to frame your face and hide away wrinkles. Lot of layers also gives a bouncy and light appearance. You can actually play with the length of the layers, to accentuate your facial features.

Cute Bob...Not Bad
A cute bob is a perfect haircut for someone in their 50s or 60s. The hairdo takes attention away from a wrinkly neck and makes you look elegant. Moreover, this kind of hairdo is definitely easier to maintain. You can also give a confident and sexy angle to the bob, by keeping it short at the back and longer in front.

How About a Loose Side Braid?
Although braids are synonymous with schoolgirls, they do not always make you look young. A loose side braid with lots of volume at the crown is a perfect youthful option! A braid can also be wrapped into a messy bun, this would add to the vitality of the hairdo.

Loose Curls Maximizing Volume...
If you have long hair and do not wish to cut it short; you can always drop it down in the form of loose curls and create a little height at the roots. Loose curls take decades off your face, making you look younger and adding volume to your hair!

Messy Hairdo!
This hairdo usually suits those women, who have shoulder length hair and are in their 40s. Letting your hair down, gives it a fresh-off-the-beach, messy look (think Jennifer Aniston)! The beachy waves and the messed up look makes you look young effortlessly, accentuating your facial assets.

Loose Ponytail with a Light Puff...
If you style your cut hair properly, you can definitely look younger. Lightly comb back your hair to get a lift at the crown and tie it up. A ponytail with a little puff at the crown, helps you attain a perfectly glamorous yet relaxed look. This hairdo lifts your eyes upward, giving your whole face a lift and makes wrinkles less visible, making you look way younger!

Side Swept Bangs Look Awesome!
Side swept bangs can never go wrong, whatever be your age. They make you look younger and the hairdo transmutes great confidence and youthfulness. This haircut can draw attention towards the best features of your face, like the jaw line, cheekbones, pretty eyes and hide away all the flaws.

Well... this was all about the best haircuts to make you look younger and helps lessen the stress on your pretty facial features. Whatever haircut you choose, pull it off with attitude and you are sure to turn heads, irrespective of your age!


When you think flowers, which is the best place that you can flaunt them with ease and style? It is the beach attractions with flora, sun kissed sands and plush waves of fresh ocean blue! Think of nature and Hawaiian culture has inspired a lot when it comes to style and fashion. It inspires a natural look and we all would agree when it comes to beach parties and weddings, the rustic, natural makeup and style rules all. With hairstyles getting much more playful with a Hawaiian theme, accessorizing hair gets even more creative. And what could be more attractive than a thin crown or a vibrant stem of Hawaiian flowers clipped across a stunning hairstyle. Flowers are a simple yet most impressive accessory for any hairstyle. Moreover Hawaiian flowers like the orchid, hibiscus, gardenia, plumeria, etc., come in extravagant colors, sizes and shapes. Some even come with enchanting fragrances. This makes a great combination for an hair accessory to please your visual and nasal buds. For flowers what is important is the arrangement in the right segment or strand of hair.

Hairstyles with Hawaiian Flowers

Usually the hairstyle will depend on the theme or the event, whether it is a romantic date or a wedding or a party that is in store. If you plan to let your hair flow or you desire a messy bun hairstyle, these flowers can be arranged in different ways, to enhance your look. Let's take a look at a few easy and attractive Hawaiian flower hairstyles.

Crown Hairdo Hairstyles with tresses flowing partially of fully can have a crown of flowers placed on the head. These can be small flowers or different flowers, with foliage woven in a crown. In case of a partial hairdo, where a part of the hair is tied, either in a bun or an up-do, you can have the crown of flowers resting on the top or around the bun in a circle or a semi circle. In case of a full up-do of hair, throw a few loose strands of hair, framing the face, and here the crown can be placed in a semicircle, like a curve from either sides of the up-do. You can also opt for a tiara like structure made from flowers, and place it on top, in the center of the head crown, or slightly away from the hairline.

For most hairstyles, it gets tough to use many flowers in a single hairdo. If you want a different look from that of a crown adoring the head, Hawaiian flowers can be beautifully placed all around the hairdo. For more complex hairstyles small flowers can be carefully included in the hairstyle, so the flowers look like a part of the hairstyle and not an accessory. Let a few strands of hair loose from the nape, and have a partial up-do of the hair in the crown part, a neat line from the crown exiting in the strands will look great. Few tiny buds pinned though thick curls of hair strands, can give a rich and gorgeous look. You can even have a messy side braid on one or both sides, pin small buds of flowers through the braid, or scattered on a messy crown, for a wild look.