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Good news, ladies! Voluminous locks are back in a big way this fall. If you go with loose waves, like Sarah Jessica Parker or Scarlett Johansson as sculpted updo, the key word this season is the volume. To make your hair fall a resounding success, the trick is in the preparation of work, which is where we come! Beauty Collection has all the tools you need to keep your locks looking full and fabulous throughout the season.

Rub your hands vigorously

No matter the style you choose, start with a good volumizing shampoo, and completed advanced Fekkai Volume Shampoo blow-plumping complex new hair extends the diameter of each strand.

Take it easy

Be careful with the air conditioner when creating volume. To keep hair from getting overwhelmed replace your daily conditioner with a light leave as JF Lazartigue Disentangling Instant Silk Protein Spray.

Strike out

A dryer good as the T3 Featherweight as you can go a long way to pump the volume. Let your hair fall forward while bending at the waist and move the hair from your scalp with the tips of your hair. [This helps increase the hair at the roots, that counts.] Then stand up, and use a round brush to lift Bio Ionic each section of your hair and dry underneath.

Catch the Wave

Long waves, loose of the 70 are back in style on the runways of fashion today. The look is soft, natural and sexy. Part hair down the middle, then divided into several sections. Wrap each section around a closed grand canyon curler and hold for 30 seconds. Resist the temptation to brush! Instead, use your fingers to loosen the curls on the airwaves.

wedding hairstyles

Wrap around

At the time the ponytail into a bun look loose lateral and female. Backcombing establish how in some root lifting spray. Try Jonathan volume of foam products thickening.

wedding hairstyles

Sculpt away

Nothing says elegant like a sculpted updo. These styles can be as elaborate as like looking knot soap star Lisa Rinna, or as elegant as sculpted French touch Carla Gugino. To get the shape you need without the viscosity, try Jonathan Product Create Angle Sculpting Gel.

wedding hairstyles

Be a tease

Ingeniously by the hair from tangling, backcombing can help create a base or a mattress for more elaborate hairstyles and updos. Try teasing brush Monroe U, a classic favorite of designers and end Hairspray Frederic Fekkai full blown art volume lift.

wedding hairstyles